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SmartChargEV’s DC fast chargers will be there exactly where you need them to be… inspiring confidence with our largest network across Cities and Highways.

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e-Mobility Pan India

By partnering with best in the industry to make the best equipment available for you, we are building India’s largest and fastest growing EV charging infrastructure to meet the growing needs of EV owners and drivers.

Shaping the future

Electric Cars, two wheelers & commercial vehicles are already here for you… offering better build standards and reliable technology. They bring to you significant reduction in running costs (fuel & maintenance) helping you spend only a fraction of what you currently do for petrol/diesel vehicles.

We empower EV drivers, business owners, fleets, homes, offices, retail centers, hotels, restaurants and highway rest stop to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions.

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, residential developer, fleet operator or any other site owner; be a part of the EV revolution. Join us!


Find the best EV charging solution for your home or apartment or
your residential society


The right EV charging solution for Retailers, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial parking lots & Petrol Stations.

Fleet Operators

state-of-the-art commercial fast-charging solutions, tailored to meet the needs of Fleet Operators